ACCUSPLIT, widely known for Quality, Innovation and Leadership in the sports timing industry since 1972, impacted the health and wellness industry with a patented accuracy method for pedometers in 1987.  W. Ron Sutton, Founder and President, was the first in America to introduce the 10,000 Steps-A-Day for wellness concept that originated in Japan in 1965.

With over 40 years of professional sports measurement experience in elite level sports, including track and field, swimming, baseball and football, ACCUSPLIT Pedometers and Pedometer-based Activity Wellness Programs are the tools that everyone in America can use to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Ron Sutton introduced pedometers to the fitness market in 1987 with his patented Certified Accurate PedometerEngine. Also known as “Mr. Pedometer,” he’s a man on a mission to convince no fewer than 100 million Americans to use a pedometer as motivational tool to move more.

“Mr. Pedometer and friends mission is to add more than 800 million healthy life years to the U.S. population,” says Sutton. “Research has shown that adults can add at least eight additional years of healthy life when they improve their current level of wellness.”

Because of Sutton’s goal, ACCUSPLIT has been at the forefront of combating the obesity epidemic in America by working with the Centers for Disease Control, the Cooper Institute and Stanford University, providing pedometers and creating wellness programs.

Ron Sutton – Founder

Sutton, who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Stanford, is one of America’s foremost experts on pedometers and pedometer accuracy. He was issued a patent for accuracy method for pedometers and since 1983 has worked closely with the developers of the first accurate pedometer, the Kato family in Japan, to develop quality and highly accurate pedometers.

Yasuji Kato РPartner 

Yasuji Kato is the developer of the benchmark JW200 PedometerEngine used in ACCUSPLIT AE100 series and Digi-Walker pedometers. Mr. Kato, who has been working with ACCUSPLIT since 1983, is co-developer with W. Ron Sutton of the KS10 PedometerEngine, as well as being as advisor to the board of Accustep10000.org.

Dr. Yoshiro Hatano РPartner 

In 1965, Dr. Yoshiro Hatano inspired the Kato family to develop an economical, accurate pedometer for consumers, to motivate them to become more active. Dr. Hatano’s calculations showed that we should walk about 10,000 steps a day to burn about 20 percent of our caloric intake through activity.